These are the committees defined within Tau Pi Chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

The responsibility of the Achievement Week / Founders Day Program Committee shall be to plan and organize Tau Pi chapter’s nationally mandated Achievement Week Program and administer the selection process of the awardees.

It is the responsibility of the Chaplain to serve as chairman of the Benevolence Committee and be responsible for keeping Tau Pi Chapter informed of its sick and shut-in members and send out cards and condolences where appropriate.

The Budget Committee shall be responsible for constructing the proposed budget for the chapter, and after giving due consideration to the financial needs of each committee, said financial needs being necessary to implement the charges and duties of the several committees, shall make budgetary allocations and collaborate with the Executive Committee. The committee shall investigate and recommend such business opportunities practices as would improve the fiscal and financial status of Tau Pi Chapter and its members.

This committee shall be responsible for the organization, preparation, dissemination of information to all chapter members, and execution of the Annual Tau Pi Chapter Cookout. This event is designed to provide a means where the chapter shows its gratitude to its members, friends, and sponsors.

The Executive Committee consists of all Tau Pi Chapter elected officers, committee chairmen, all former Tau Pi Chapter Basilei, and Tau Pi chapter members elected to district or national office. The primary responsibility of the executive committee shall be to provide guidance and direction for the chapter and insure effective and efficient execution of its programs.

This committee shall be responsible for the organization and execution of the annual Gospel Concert / Extravaganza held in Howard County. Additionally, this committee will collaborate with the Howard County Office on Aging in partnership in this endeavor.

This committee is responsible for the organization and execution of Tau Pi Chapter’s annual Holiday with Omega fundraiser.

The Membership Selection Committee shall administer Tau Pi Chapter’s Membership Selection Program (MSP) /, and assist in monitoring and insuring that the process and guidelines for the entrance of new members into the fraternity are adhered to by its members. Once initiated into the fraternity this committee shall facilitate the education of the new members.



This committee is responsible for the organization and execution of Tau Pi Chapter’s annual Holiday with Omega fundraiser.

Represent Tau Pi Chapter’s interest as a member of the local National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) affiliate, and keeps Tau Pi Chapter apprised of all NPHC activities.



The Reclamation Committee shall be responsible for recommending and administering activities and programs to reclaim its chapter members in a manner consistent with the Fraternity’s national reclamation program.

The Recommendations Committee shall be responsible for investigating Fraternity and Second District Conference mandates, chapter proposal requests, and other matters outside the realm of other Committees. Develops and makes written recommendations to the Chapter for consideration. The Committee shall keep the records up to date on these recommendations, and advise the Basileus of their status as to implementation.

The Retention Committee shall be responsible for recommending and administering activities and programs to retain its chapter members year after year in a manner consistent with the Fraternity’s national retention program.

The responsibility of the scholarship committee shall be to incorporate programs consistent with the nationally mandated program regarding scholarship, assault on literacy, formulation of programs to foster academic excellence, and to administer the distribution of annual scholarships monies. Though scholarship dollars are targeted for African American male recipients, the chapter will not discriminate in their award of scholarships. All children of financial members of Tau Pi Chapter are eligible for scholarships. Scholarships will to be paid through the Tau Pi Foundation.

The Social Action Committee shall implement and monitor Tau Pi Chapter’s social action programs. The committee may recommend adoption of such programs embracing social issues consistent the Fraternity’s social action program.

The responsibility of the Talent Hunt Committee shall be to plan and administer the chapter’s nationally mandated talent hunt program. The talent hunt committee shall also be responsible for maintaining talent hunt records and tracking the progress of its winners. The Talent Hunt Committee shall have the responsibility of making arrangements for the Talent Hunt winner and their guardian to attend the District Meeting.

It shall be the duty of the Webmaster and IT committee to manage and insure timely and substantive updates to the Tau Pi Chapter web-site (, and to manage and maintain the chapter’s notification system to dispense information and announcements to members in a timely and confidential manner. This is a “forward thinking” body of brothers who have a passion for new and innovative means of incorporating technology to better the business of the chapter. Membership of the website administrative team, should include process enablers and others able to provide support that includes devices or programs that enable or enhance chapter operations.